Check Your Projects On The Go


One of the key features of Floor Plan Tracker is the possibility to check the status of trade projects at any time. This feature exists because Floor Plan Tracker is 100% online.

Can you imagine sending a report on the latest installation that happened just a few minutes ago? This is possible with this incredible tool. When your team members install Floor Plan Tracker they can update the status of the installation on site. For some jobs, if just the status is not enough they can take a picture and upload the proof of the installation. The manager will have instant access to the status of the trade projects and all pictures that have been uploaded.

The idea behind this is to help you save time and money.  Soyou can skip all the double and triple checks that usually have to done on site. Once a job is completed team members just need to change the status of the task. If necessary, they can take a picture that can be checked by the team at the office. 



We know some clients are more strict than others and require a proof of installation and this feature  was created with this in mind.

Floor Plan Tracker has a nice reporting system that allows you to send, directly from the system, an email to your client. Throughout the whole trade project, it is possible to send reports and proof of installation to clients at anytime. The reports tell clients the overall status of the trade project and also the status of each floor.

All the features were thought to be easy to use and to help you save time and money. Our main objective is to minimise your cost once you can check the status of trade projects at anytime.