Manage Contractors And Tasks Online


Floor plan tracker is a great tool to manage contractors and tasks online. FPT has been used to manage contractors’s jobs.

Imagine the situation where you have to manage tasks in a build. You are just one person but you hired a contractor to install blinds in a few floors. Another contractor will be responsible to install lights and power plugs.



With Floor Plan tracker you can add these tasks on a floor plan of the build and set up all tasks dragging and drop the tasks to the current location. Once you complete the management, you can give access to your installers to the specific project and they can go to the side.

Their, they will find all the tasks, descriptions and status of the task. Once they complete an installation they can set the specific task as completed. on your office, you can have a look at the report of the tasks.


For the manager:

  • instant access to the reports
  • manage multiple people and tasks
  • multiple projects
  • clone multiple plans
  • quoting is for free


For the installer:

  • Free Access
  • multiple projects and multiple companies
  • all information at the same app


For both:

  • online based
  • multiple platforms (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile)
  • easy to use