Online Project Management Made Easy


Almost all services nowadays have changed by the implementation of technology. Some areas though are still very hard to change though. Floor Plan Tracker is to tool that eliminates all the paperwork that flies around the constructions sites. This is a tool that brings great technology specially to construction, but can be used by other businesses as well.

How can Floor Plan Tracker help your company implement technology at the construction site?

It is super simple to use. First you need to upload a Floor Plan to the system. After that, and from the comfort of the office, a manager can drag and drop all services and tasks required for that floor. These tasks could be signage installations, doors and windows installations, electrical installations or it can even be used to manage cleaning services at hotels and shopping malls. After you create the list of services and tasks required for that project, it will appear on the right side of the floor plan. The teams on site can then manage and complete tasks directly on the floor plan. Floor Plan Tracker has a very simple and friendly layout, it’s very intuitive and descriptive.

Your teams on the ground can access the floor plan and they will have the same view as the manager and they can go through their tasks with more accuracy. When a task is completed they just need mark it as done and update the floor plan. The manager can keep track of their progress from the office.



How about complex services?

Some services require more information than others. In these instances, it is possible to upload a Shop Drawing associated to a specific service or task. On the site the team members can check all the requirements for that task and start executing it.

My client likes to see pictures of what’s been completed.

This is another feature of Floor Plan Tracker. Once the service is completed it is possible take multiple pictures an upload it to that specific service. Again the manager can check it from their office to confirm the good execution of the service. This feature also allows the company to save time and money. Once the service is done team members can send a proof to the manager and they can check it online. This can happen just a few seconds after the execution.

Floor Plan Tracker can help you track tasks that couldn’t be completed.

It is a waste of time to send teams of tradies to the site and they cannot do their job because they depend on other teams to be on time with the delivery of their own tasks. Imagine the situation when a Signage Installer that went to the construction site and wasn’t able to install a specific sign because the wall wasn’t painted yet. With Floor Plan Track it could be flagged as job that could not be completed due to another team not delivering their job in time. Photos can also be uploaded as justifications. In this situation the manager can see it straight away and take action to unblock the situation.