Save Time And Money


Floor Plan Tracker’s main benefit is that it will help you save time and money when tracking your trade projects online. Project management software’s can be very expensive nowadays. 

Floor Plan Tracker is affordable and will make your day to day so much more efficient. You will be impressed by how much time you will save which, consequently, will make you save a lot of money.

A construction site can be a very busy place. Crowded, construction material everywhere, different installers working on different jobs at the same time can it can become difficult to walk and move between floors.  All these things make the installation more expensive by causing delays and costs with people rise as well as additional management hours.



Floor Plan Tracker can send back to the office the status of each trade project your teams are working on and in real time. As soon a job is completed a person at the construction site can change the status of the project, take a picture of the proof of installation and send it to the office. The team at the office can check these straight away.

Another way that Floor Plan Track can make you save time and money is by making all the details of a specific installation available to team members on site. By adding all the tasks and installation specifications to the specific floor plan, your teams have everything they need on hand. They just need to go through each task and mark them as completed once they’ve worked on them or, if they couldn’t finish them for a specific reason, they can add notes to the task and even add pictures as well. With Floor Plan Tracker, both teams, on site and at the office, can save time and money by using a tool that’s 100% online and in which updates are available instantly.