Signage Installation Management Tool


Floor Plan Tracker is an online tool for your toolbox. It’s an online app that will help you manage many trading services. This is the ultimate tool for a Signage Installation Management.

Keeping track of signage installations tasks can be expensive and actually hard to track. Floor Plan Tracker was initially designed with signage installation workers in mind. Nowadays Floor Plan Tracker can help the management of many other trade jobs other than signage installation. If managers are looking for a simple online project management tool that will help them deliver their projects faster. Floor Plan Tracker is one of the best tools in market.



If you are a manager or signage installer. Floor Plan Tracker will make the management of the different signage jobs on each site much easier. It all starts with the project manager uploading the floor plans of a project to the app. Within a few clicks. It is possible to assign all the tasks and services required to be completed on a specific floor. Drag and Drop the signs on the specific place to do the job. The app has a list of the most common types of signs but this list is constantly being updated.

Managers can also customize each element on the list. Once this is done it is possible to save and generate a report that will help calculate all the required materials for each floor. The BOQ is done. You don’t need back to hightlither and paper work. Imagine how easy it is. Imagine how much time was saved at this point?


Quoting for free.


For Instance, you can start creating a quote. This will not interfere on your license because Floor Plan Tracker has free Quotes. However, when you get the approval from your client it is became a Project. This is the perfect Signage Installation Management Tool

In aditiona, The second step is to send workers with the specific materials to the installation site.  Each sign installed can be marked as completed on the system which can be done by the guys who are on site. If the job requires proof of installation, they can use the same app to take a picture and upload it to the cloud. At this point, the managers and the business are already saving more time as it won’t be necessary to take pictures and send afterward by email or message. The images are there already, right with each task.



After that, at the end of the day, some tasks are marked as done, some have justifications on why they couldn’t be completed and the manager knows all about it by just accessing Floor Plan Tracker.

In conclusao, the list of features, managers can also send a report directly from Floor Plan Tracker to the customer or the person who requested the job. This other report will show you, floor by floor, the percentage of tasks that have been completed and the ones that haven’t and why.