Simple To Use


This tool was created with two main objectives in mind. The first objective was to create a tool that could make its users save money and time. The second objective was to create an app that was easy and simple to use. 

We worked hard to create the best user experience, with drag and drop functionalities and easy access to reporting. The idea behind the app is actually simple: use the floor plan as a guide for your tasks while at your working site. Mark the tasks that have been completed and the ones that are still due. If there are any blockers these can be sent to the managers with justifications and even photos can be uploaded.


You and your teams will have visibility of the status of the project at anytime, from anywhere. You can even send reports to your customers if they want visibility on what has been already delivered. 

A complex task or a repetitive task can be painful, we get it. We wanted to develop a simple project management tool that would help our customers on their day to day jobs.