Unlimited Takeoffs


At Floor Plan Tracker, we have recently introduced a new feature that allows you to create unlimited quotes or takeoffs. We are very happy to be able to bring you this new feature at no increased costs to our monthly subscription.

In a nutshell, Floor Plan Tracker can be your estimating software. Simply start dragging and dropping the services onto the floor plan. You will then be able to generate a report with a list of all services required per floor. This list will let you finalize your BOQ (bill of quantities) before sending quotes to your clients. Once the job is approved, you already have your quote saved in Floor Plan Tracker and you can simply convert it into a Project and start working on it. Use Floor Plan Tracker as your construction estimating software and then use it as your project management tool. You will be pleased by how much time and money this construction software will help you save.



We listened to you and also split up quotes from projects, so you can create as many quotes as you need. Your subscription will still be limited to the number of active projects you have, but you can create as many quotes as you need in a simple and quick way when you using Floor Plan Tracker as your takeoff software.

Floor Plan Tracker has already been improving the way you work on site (with greater visibility of your projects’ progress and delivery status), but now, we want to help you with the pre-work. That’s why we are offering unlimited quotes no matter which subscription you have signed up for.