Windows, Doors And Locks Installation Management


Floor Plan Tracker is an online project management tool and all you need to keep track of all your installations.

When you have so many windows, doors and door locks to install, it can be hard to keep track of what has already been installed and what is still to be completed. You may have to go, in person, through multiple floors and check each installation in person before you can even create a report to send to your clients. We don’t even need to talk about invoicing when you cannot report back on what was already delivered.

When you use Floor Plan Tracker for your windows, doors or door locks installations, you will know in real time what has already been completed. That’s because you use the floor plan as your guide and you simply drag and drop each door or window that needs to be installed on its exact location on the floor plan.


When you or your teams are the construction site, you can mark each installation with an “OK” when it’s been completed. If you cannot finalise an installation for any reason, for example, a door couldn’t be installed because the wall not painted yet, you can add that as a justification for specific service and even upload a picture if you want.

At any time you can generate a report and check the status of your project and how much it’s progressed. You will have a list of all windows, doors and locks that have been installed as well as of what couldn’t be completed and the reason why.

Your clients will be very pleased with your transparency. Don’t forget you will be able to send your invoices even before completing 100% of the project.