To register as a company simply go to the Login page and click the ‘Register Now’ button. Fill out your company details and click ‘Create Account’. You will receive an email confirming your registration and you can start using Floor Plan Tracker for free with our 14 Days Free Trial.

Click on ‘Login’ on the top right-hand corner navigation menu and enter your email and password to access your management area.

To add your staff, simply go to the ‘Contributors’ tab in your ‘Management’ area and click the ‘Add New Contributor’ button. Simply add your employee’s email address and they will receive an email asking them to register as Users. Once they have registered as User they can start accessing your projects.

To create a new project go to either your Dashboard or the ‘Projects’ tab and click ‘Add New Project’. After opening a new project make sure you add a name and description to your project and click ‘Save’. You can then start uploading assets to the Shop Drawing List and also uploading Floor Plans to create your floors.

In one of your projects, go to the section called Floor Plans and click the Add Floor Plan button. You can add a name to your Floor Plan image and upload a JPEG, PNG or PDF file. After you’ve uploaded the image you can adjust the crop to make sure you’re capturing only what is important for that project.

In your ‘Project’, go to ‘Floor Plan’ section.You will see a list of all of the floor plan images you have uploaded. Click on the drop-down menu on the right side of each image and select the type of service you will be providing: e.g. Signage Installation or Plastering. Once you’ve selected the type of service, you will open the floor plan with the specific toolbar for that service. Make sure to add a name to your Floor and to click ‘Save’. You can now start dragging a dropping each service on its specific location on the Floor Plan.

Once you’ve created the Floor, simply drag and drop the services onto the floor plan image to the specific location where they need to be executed. A list of services will appear on the right side.

On the Floor Plan, click on the service icon and 2 more rows will open. Simply write your comments in the ‘Additional Notes’ text box (e.g. Ladies Bathroom, Door number 3). Make sure to click ‘Save’ before leaving the Floor Plan.

If you are using the 14 Days Free Trial only you can access your project. If you signed up to the Basic Package you can assign 1 more person as contributor, who will be able to have access to all your projects in the Projects tab.

Simply go to your Dashboard tab and find the project you need a report for. You will have a high-level view of the completeness of the project in your Dashboard or you can click the Overview button to have access to other reports, like the BOQ (Bill of Quantities), Progress Report or Visual Report. You will also be able to email these reports to your managers or customers.

Within each project you will be able to see the status of installation of each floor on the top right side. This information can also be found in your reports when you access them from the Dashboard tab.

Once you’ve registered and a company has assigned you as a contributor to their projects you will find all of the projects you have access to in the Projects tab. You can also switch between different companies if you work for multiple companies that use Floor Plan Tracker for their projects.

In your Projects, in the Project details section you can click Archive once a project has been completed. No one will be able to make any more changes to the project but you will still be able to view the floor plans and services and generate reports.

Simply go to our Dashboard and find the project you want to report on and click Overview and Send Reports. Select the report(s) you want to and add a subject line, a message and the person’s email address. Just click send and the reports selected will be sent via email.

The 14 Days Free Trial has ended and I would like to sign up to one of the packages, what do I do?

You can contact us here and ask for a quote on a custom package or you can subscribe to the Basic Package here or to the Premium Package here. Payment is made via Paypal. If you want to review all our subscription options visit our Pricing page.

We accept payment via Paypal. If you don’t have a Paypal account you can create one here.

You can contact us here if you require more than 1 project and/or contributors. We will be able to send you a quote for a custom package that covers your needs. Please let us know how many projects and how many contributors you need in order for us to send you a quote.

To cancel the subscription please contact us and we will arrange for your subscription to be canceled immediately. Please note we don’t refund payments that have already been charged.