What is Floor Plan Tracker?

Floor Plan Tracker is an online management software developed around architectural plans.

The software eliminates the need to print, highlight and revise therefore saving companies time and money!

It’s an online project management software that uses the floor plan as a guide.



Remember all that work that you put into working with a printed floor plan? Marking all the services and the tasks required for a project before creating a quote? How about all those times that you had to redo everything because someone changed their mind and something in the project changed? Floor Plan Tracker helps you do all of those changes online in a fast and easy way.

Stop using markers and highlighters. Save time and money when you create all your projects with Floor Plan Tracker.


  1. Create a project or quote
  2. Upload a floor plan
  3. Create a list of services
  4. Drag and drop services onto the floor
  5. Access Floor Plan Tracker from anywhere
  6. Generate reports


  • Signage installers
  • Smart house solutions installers
  • Windows, doors and locks installers
  • Electricians
  • Plastering and tiling professionals
  • Cleaning professionals
  • Fire detectors and alarms installers
  • Security devices installers